About us

We have been continuing the wooden boat manufacturing, which is an ancestor profession, in Rize Limanköy since 1976. After cutting the curved areas of chestnut trees in the Eastern Black Sea mountains and drying them for a certain period of time, wooden boats are constructed in desired dimensions. With 35 years of experience, we have adopted the principle of acting meticulously in the construction of wooden boats, and we have brought many boats to the Eastern Black Sea ports, mainly from Sürmene to Hopa. As a result of the EU harmonization process, we issue CE certificates for the recreational crafts and amateur fishing boats we produce. We also have the authority to issue manufacturing and modification invoices.

As a company, our aim is to shape good materials with high quality workmanship and to create products that will be enjoyed for years. Our productions have been meticulously shaped during the period from the design stage until the launch, and they receive a special attention and effort at each stage.